Look at this piece of perfection

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An entry to a small contest on dA done a week ago

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Click the photos for a better view!

So far I’ve been using a tablet my friend lent me. I’ve tried getting used to digital many times before and I think it finally worked out! Sadly, I can’t keep my friend’s tablet forever which is why I’m opening commissions to raise money for one c:

What is acceptable:

  • Mild nudity
  • OCs, fan characters and already existing fictional characters
  • Asking for wips
  • Characters of any age, body type or race/species

What is not acceptable:

  • Gore
  • Overly offensive, sexist, racist and almost any kind of negative -ist things
  • Drawing characters from written descriptions only

Paying? Paypal and paying beforehand is preferred. You may send 50% before and 50% after your commission is done. I will most likely not refund you because you are allowed to ask for wips if you think something might go wrong.

Discounts? Discounts are offered only to those who buy stuff for $10. But! If you buy 3 or more 50x50 icons I’ll make you one for free ;v;

Shipping? Yes! I may ship you a traditional artwork if you pay for the shipping expenses. But please warn me if you’d like the artwork shipped to you before I start working on it.

You want something which is not exactly here? Don’t hesitate to message me and we’ll totally work something out!

All reblogs are highly appreciated even if you’re not interested~

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I met up with a good friend of mine today and we sketched a bit in a cafe. It was a lot of fun!

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To sketches from a page I’ll probably never fill haha

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some sort of a wip on a more detailed thing I’m doing haha

Character: http://sta.sh/07g6t2hey0w

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This was supposed to be a sketch trade but the character was a bit too fun to draw so I allowed myself to quickly color it.
She belongs to flowercrowns@weasyl

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My first somewhat successful attempt to paint digitally ;v;

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A thing I did for my best friend’s birthday

Aradia is, like, her favorite homestuck thing ever

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